Is Cousin Marriage Safe

 Is Cousin Marriage Ok? 

Is Cousin Marriage Okay

chances of abnormalities due to cousin marriage is negligible according to medical science not to medical rumours. Even we can't say that every baby born from cousin couple is due to cousin marriage, there may be some other reasons that have lead to abnormalities in the born child.

There is only 1 abnormal child born per 1000 children due to cousin marriages. If you don't want to take even this small risk and you married a girl who is not your cousin, even then there is a risk that your child may die due to any other problem because everyday 4650 children dies in India. Also your child may die due to road accident because everyday 43 children dies due to road accidents in India. Also your child may die in infant stage because infant mortality rate of India is almost 39, the risk is 39 times greater than cousin marriage abnormality risk. Also your child may die before age of 5 because under-five mortality rate of India is 109, the risk is 109 times cousin marriage abnormality risk. Does that mean we will not marry? No, we have to take these kind of risks to live in our everyday life. Even their are abnormal babies born from non-cousin couples.

In contrary to this negligible abnormality risk of cousin marriage there are many social benefits of cousin marriage. Now, let me talk about that.

First, everyone wants to find a good couple for himself/herself. For this they really have to find a good one. They asks one and other about his/her character, but it is nearly impossible to know someone's character fully. Say for example you asked his/her colleague about his/her character, but may be the person you are asking for would be dual charactered. But you know your cousins well from childhood. So, their character can't hid from you.

Second, a major reason for divorce in today's time is that, marriages are going without considering the social status of the two. Yes, it is true that there is no caste discrimination in Islam, but it is not caste discrimination, in Islamic terms it is called "QAFU", which means that a girl from zamindar family should not marry with a clergy boy because may be her mother-in-law would tell her to cook rice on induction cooker but she can't, because she don't know how to run induction cooker and this will cause her mother-in-law to get angry. Same is the case, a lady doctor or a clergy girl should not marry a zamindar boy, because may be there, her mother-in-law would tell her to milk the cow, but she can't, even she would scare of going near to the cow. But as far as we consider our cousins, our livings and social status are almost same, so there would be not any fight between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Here is an example Zaid Ibn Harris who was a slave married a clergy QURAISH girl Zaynab Bint Jahash, but this marriage ended up at divorce.

Third, if you married you cousin then your wife is also niece of your mother. There is love between aunt and niece, so there would be no fight between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

The scientists who put forwarded this research doesn't have faith on Allah(SWT), they didn't know commands of Allah(SWT). It is clear that Allah(SWT) knows more than these scientists. Now it is in our hands whom would we follow, Allah(SWT) the creator and maintainer of this universe or these scientists who themselves are created by him.

My intention was not to contradict Islam with science but to clear confusions of those minds who thinks that "why Allah(SWT) gave us that command which creates difficulty for us in future". As a Muslim we have to accept all commands given by Allah(SWT) without seeking for its benefits and flaws, even though there are no flaws but a human mind thinks so. Mother can harm his/her child but Allah(SWT) can't harm his/her servant.

So, conclusion comes out that we should give cousin marriage a custom again.



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