How many languages are spoken in Pakistan?

Languages That are spoken in Pakistan.

Approximately 7,457 different languages are spoken across the World, of which 360 languages are not spoken anymore. Same like that there are number of the different kind of the languages are spoken all over the Pakistan. And more than 220 million people live in Pakistan. Pakistan having 4 Provinces(Punjab, Sind, Blochistan and Khaiber Pakhtun Kha). It is home to many communities with their distinct Culture, languages, food, traditions and dialects.

The un-officially number of languages actively spoken in Pakistan is between 73 or 74. This means that within hours as you travel between the country’s districts, there are languages that other groups in different regions do not speak.
Officially 2 main languages are spoken within the Pakistan (Urdu and English).

As all over the world different nations celebrates the International Mother Language Day, number of the media channels look into the types of languages spoken within the Pakistan.

According to the Ethnology there are 74 different kinds of the languages are spoken within the different areas of Pakistan by the People’s to that are recognized because of that particular language, a website on languages said that there are Sixty-six languages are local and eight are foreign languages are spoken in the Pakistan.

Pakistan’s national language is Urdu that is mostly spoken within main areas of Pakistan like big cities especially spoken Karachi that is the most populous city of the Pakistan, as well as Urdu is the national language of Pakistan but instead of that according to the Ethnologic only 10% people of Pakistan speak it. Punjabi is the most common language as 49% of the people speak it in different areas of Pakistan but area to area it very small change occurs in it. According to our personal research there are only 11% of the people within the Pakistan speaks the  Sindhi language, Sraiki and English are spoken 11 %, Pashto 7%,  Balochi 3%,  Hindko 2% and Brahui is only one percent spoken by the people of Pakistan. Other kind of languages are also spoken in Pakistan like Pothohari etc. But they are also considered as Punjabi language.
At LUMS university Conference according to the Dr Rasul Bux Rais, said that for each nation their Mother language is very important as the ‘cultural root’ of that nation. He said 10 to 12 dialects are spoken within Pakistan. However, the number increases because of their ramifications.

Dr Rasul Rais pointed out that work is under way for the last two years to preserve the dialects and their linguistic diversity.

Speaking in mother tongue:
He said the conferences held in this connection underscore the need for parents to talk to their children in their mother tongue.
Dr Rais said it that the debate over getting educated in the mother tongue is not going in the right direction. He remarked “The language of Urdu is not as developed as the Language of German or French”. “It is alright if people don’t get educated in Urdu.”

The International Mother Language Day:
The International Mother Language Day (IMLD) is being marked across the globe to highlight the importance of linguistic and cultural diversity, across the world including Pakistan.

According to UNESCO this idea was observed and this day came from Bangladesh. On Bangladesh’s initiative, and it was announced by the UNESCO on November 17, 1999 and it was formally recognized the United Nations General Assembly. The day was first observed in 2000.
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