3 Dead, 5 Injured In Red River Shooting

 Approximately there are 3 people were killed and 5 others were injured after an horrible shooting between rival biker gangs erupted at a New Mexico motorcycle rally Saturday, according to the reports of police.

Red River Shooting Scene

The victims were struck at around 5 p.m. local time when gunfire rang out outside a retail sector of Red River, reported by Questa del Rio News.

“It was gang-related,” Mayor Linda Calhoun said in a video posted by the news outlet on social media. 

All the victims were “contained” in the shooting — none were local residents, according to the report given by news reporters.

It was said by police that one victim was airlifted to a Denver hospital and also added that there was “no threat to public safety.”

According to Calhouj, shooters are in custody.

It was requested by Law enforcement that local businesses around the area of the shooting remain closed Sunday as they continue their investigation and try to find out Actually what happened there's.

This fatal shooting occurred during the 41st Annual Red River Memorial Motorcycle Rally, a festival promising to bring in “28,000 bikers from all different backgrounds.”

After shooting Taos Mayor Pascualito Maestas declared a civil emergency.

Taos, located about 40 miles from Red River, prohibited retailers, bars, and other establishments from selling alcohol under the emergency proclamation.

It also enacted a curfew until 4:00 a.m. local time Sunday.

It was said by Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina that he was in Red River, his hometown, and felt “helpless” during the chaos.

“What a helpless feeling not having a badge, radio or gun as State Police officers and others enter the restaurant and slowly everything closes down and you don’t even know if you can get to your car or if it’s in the scene,” Medina said. “Prayers for all the officers out there. This wave of gun violence impacts all of New Mexico large or small. 

Police could not confirm who was behind the shooting. But Police is still trying to figure out actually what happened. 

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