Faqeer Kala Khan Murree


Faqeer Kala Khan History

A marksman like him has never been born before and no one will be born in the future Faqir Kala Khan Marri was a Baloch Sufi. When the British invaded Balochistan in 1870, Faqir Kala Khan left the tasbih and picked up the gun. Then the history of resistance was made. The British Army kept the British Army on a hill in Kahan Tehsil of Kohlu District of present Balochistan for four years. The British Army, armed with cannons and guns, continued to tighten the siege after months of siege. Baloch was arrested along with his two accomplices Jalami Baloch and Rahim Ali Baloch This photo will be taken before the execution in 1891 in which Kala Khan Marri Baloch was captured along with his companions.

Faqeer Kala Khan Mari Baloch

The question is, why are we ignorant of our heroes, why will their history be deliberately hidden from the nation? Why are films and plays not made on them? It was written in the cable sent to Calcutta after the execution of Kala Khan Baloch No shooter like him was born before and no one will be born in the future.

Faqeer Kala Khan Murree
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