Cultures All over the World are getting Common.

World Cultures are Getting Similar

Universally it is accepted that traditions and cultures all over the world are becoming similar in this new age and era. I animadvert this is a positive development and my reasons are explained next in the following paragraphs.

First and foremost, it is evident that technology is playing a pivotal role in globalization and gathering the whole world like a village (Global village) and that is why Cultures from all over the world are getting similar, technology is playing a very important role and is the main cause turning the cultures common in today’s world.
In this new technological era People’s all over the world are connected through the internet and can interact virtually with other cultures and traditions simply by touching of a button whenever they want to connect with them. Previously, this was not the case, to demonstrate, those people who were willing to spend holidays in other countries or some business tourists only get a chance to interact with their cultures and buy their customs as a memory for them.

Now a days, people’s from all over the world are communicating with foreigners with the help of using internet that is the fastest way to communicate with the people from all over the world. And it is often seen that people sending a friend request to foreigners and to the people of other countries through social media. Using different applications People from all over the world are connecting to each other and getting knowledge about each other.

It is true that the above-mentioned reasons making the cultures common but according to my opinion I believe that this could be advantageous in numerous ways. Because, it brings people closer to each other which can lead to greater harmony across borders to send a message of peace.
Secondly, a myriad of business opportunities would be open for the groups who are willing to expand their work and to expand their business all over the world. For instance, shalwar kameez that is the national dress of the Pakistan has been recently bought by several Australians whenever they visit Pakistan for spending their holidays which help in generating profits for the locals as well as the big shopkeepers. In other words, if cultures all over the world are becoming common, it means they are also uniting the humans to work together in different aspects of life.
Undoubtedly, cultures and traditions are turning Similar and the reason behind the similarity is the advanced technology.