Pakistani people are kind and helpful | Pakistani people are very friendly

In Pakistan the people are kind, helpful and friendly but gender segregation still exists
I am writing this article based on the social behavior of Pakistani people and how they deal with the people within Pakistan.
Because of the Tribal and Islamic influences, rural areas of Pakistan have varying levels of gender segregation, some of the big cities too have conservative expectations in terms of interactions between men and women. Islamic concept is there in Pakistan that’s why in Public places Couples usually don’t hug or kiss each other in a non-platonic way. Regardless of that, the people of Pakistan are friendly, helpful, approachable, humble and kind.
To show the real and accurate Picture of the Pakistan the world must know actually what is going on within Pakistan and what is the other side to show the reality about Pakistanis.
According to my view, the data of this presentation is very important, in my view, is extremely important, so that viewers could get a clear and true picture as much as possible.
From the U.K Some Indian brothers and sisters are quoting some articles against Pakistanis and as usual also writing some nasty comments. It is very important to remind ourselves that no one is washed in holy water. They should look in the mirror and see the picture of themselves. The should spread peace as Pakistani people are.
Prior to starting my article, I like to say a few lines.
Pakistani First lots respect to the elders, Slam to brothers and sisters, respect to the holy Quran and a lot of love and affection to youngsters.
Once a friend asked me: What do I like about Islam, Pakistan, and Pakistanis.
I answered him as follows:
·         The holy Quran teaches after five prayers, now go and earn hilal and an honest living, take care of their family members in a good way and donate some portion for a good cause.
·         Second, there is no caste system in Islam.
·         Everyone is equal according to the Concept of Islam.
·         All are equal at the Haj emperor,King and beggar all stand in the same line. There no special treatment for a single person.
·         Western press, media, and a public who are not aware of our native land think our women are prisoners and stay home moms. In case we cannot assure and guarantee 100 percent safety to our women, I will want the same thing for my sister/mother/wife. Wearing Hijab and staying or accompanied by a male is better than to become a victim of rape. And imagine the poor girl went through being raped with an “ IRON ROD” (Refer to the recent crime in the nation’s capital).
·         In my more than 28 years in the world, I have not seen even one Pakistani girl drunk, I am not saying they are angels, but many  did pick some drunk girls from the other countries of the Indian subcontinent from the street and called for their help. Pakistani girls are one of the best well-behaved and disciplined girls more than even from the girls of the other countries in the world. In the Public places most of the Pakistanis do not drink and make them fool in the public places and don’t irritate others.
·         The Pakistani army soldiers are brave and number 1 fighting force in the world.

Some of the very good things in Pakistanis and according to my research most of them as follows:
·         Very kind, helpful, friendly and very polite.
·         Pakistanis are very kind especially to women. They never addressed women by their names (They referred to them Bhen jee or Sahiba) which means respected sister in law.
·         They are not different than any warm heart caring person.

·         They never called boys by their first names but addressed them Bhai Jaan, means dear brother.
·         They are hard working and support to their family people.
·         I have nothing but respect for them, their politeness,.
·         They are extremely sensitive to when it comes the love of mother/sister/brother; I will stay thankful to them forever. It shows their deep bond with their family members.
·         They have high community sense, and most of them are active in good causes.
·         Most of them have unique writing skills; it may be due to very pleasing and rich Urdu language, extreme knowledge of music and poetry senior Pakistanis love for Ghazal, Qawali/ Sufyana Kalaam and of course love for life.
·         Sufizam concept opened the eyes of many people and to invite them towards the Islam. They taught beautiful aspects of Islam
·         They are also a victim like you and me.
·         Their dreams for their kids are exactly the same as any other loving parents. They want to see their son white on the horse and to their dauthers as bride in the bride’s dress with Mehendi in her hands.
·         Their dresses, cultures and traditions are amazing.
·         I am addicted to  Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan songs, I am totally in love with Sufi compositions. And there is no one in the world to match with the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawalis. I cannot fathom the length Breadth and height of the talent of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
·         In short Pakistani people are so peaceful.

May Almighty Allah bless them (my Pakistani brothers/sisters/elders with a lot love and shower a lot of blessings upon them.

Once again I am very thankful for comments/feedback, and I pray to the Almighty for very prosperous years to all of you.


  1. excellent, helpful information.

  2. u r doing well... best of luck.

  3. Wonderful job you did Congratulations there is too much information about everything it’s so interesting really thanks for sharing All this information


  4. Wonderful job you did Congratulations there is too much information about everything it’s so interesting really thanks for sharing All this information

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