Why Do Mosquitoes Bite

Why do mosquitoes suck blood?


Mosquito Bite

Blood is not food for mosquitoes at all. They suck blood when she is about to lay eggs. This blood provides protein to their eggs. If they do not suck blood, their eggs will not hatch or they will hatch very weakly. Mosquitoes use the sap of various grasses and plants as food.

Remember that mosquitoes can sense where you are from a distance of 160 feet.

O blood group is the target of mosquitoes, followed by B and then A. 85% of people's body emits such signals that mosquitoes feel and guess your blood group.

Generally, healthier people, pardon the pun, obese people exhale more carbon dioxide, so it attracts the mosquito to see where he is. That is why mosquitoes come straight to your face.

The things that attract mosquitoes are sweat and a person whose body is warm for some reason. Warm body is their favorite body. For this reason, if you sit slowly during exercise, then your body gets warm and you sweat, then you start hearing the sounds of mosquitoes.

There are some bacteria on our body for protection, which makes them produce chemicals on the skin that mosquitoes can detect.

Pregnant women are more susceptible to mosquitoes because they exhale more carbon dioxide than normal women. A pregnant woman releases 21% more carbon dioxide than a normal woman and their body is also warmer than others.

Dark colored clothes i.e. black, red and similar bright colors are visible to mosquitoes from a distance.

And those people who drink alcohol are more victims.

How to avoid mosquitoes?

It is best to eliminate places where it thrives such as standing water, waterlogged tires.

Use a mosquito net.

Apply Mospel or any other repellent on the body.

Avoid wearing bright colored clothes at night and wear open clothes.

Do not use any electric device to kill mosquitoes as it is a waste of money and electricity.

Keep the body clean from sweat.

Use mint and garlic in food.

Spraying mint water or applying a small amount of mint or garlic on exposed parts of the body will keep mosquitoes away.

Growing coriander, mary gold, mint, lemon grass plants also keeps mosquitoes away.

Grind cloves and add lemon in water and applying that water on the open body can also prevent mosquito attack.

If there are too many mosquitoes, spray Lambda or icon chemical on the walls of the house and around, but be careful while spraying.

Keeping the leaves of cardamom tree i.e. Eucalyptus around the bed can also prevent the attack of mosquitoes.

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