Zangobbo Carol Bio, Profile, Age, Height, Weight, Education And More

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Zangobbo Carol Profile


Zangobbo Carol Country Name 

Zangobbo Carol Was born in Italy thats why her Country name is "Italy"

Zangobbo Carol Date Of Birth

11 August, 1995 thus, Zangobbo Carol age is 27 years old. 

Zangobbo Carol Athlete Code


Zangobbo Carol Height

Height, 1.60 m (5 ft 23⁄4 in). 

Zangobbo Carol Weight

in Though we research a lot about it but we couldn't get the exact measurement about Zangobbo Carol's Weight, as soon as we'll get to know we'll share here. 

Zangobbo Carol Education

  • She is Graduated in Political Science, International Relations and Human Rights from the well known University of Padua in 2018
  • She did a Training course in Digital Marketing

In DeosIP since 2020

Zangobbo Carol Experience

  • She has a good experience in Marketing and Communication

Zangonno  Focus and skills

  • Elaboration, development and implementation of the firm’s brand identity
  • Managing the website and social media

Zangobbo Carol Qualifications

She is also an athlete specializing in long jump, she is also involved in a dual career project to combine professional and sport life.

Zangobbo Carol Languages

Italian is her first language other that this she speaks, English, and Spanish language. 

Zangobbo Carol Images

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