Six Dead After Tour Bus Crashed Head-On With Freight Truck In Upstate New York

 6 Individuals dead in upstate New York USA on Saturday 28 January 2023 after a Tour Bus and freight truck collided in what officials called a “gruesome” tragedy.

As many as Fifteen Passengers were on the bus when it collided head-on with the truck around 6:00 a.m Saturday on State Highway 37 in Louisville, a small town on the US-Canada border, Said By State Police. 

And there was only driver of the box truck in the vehicle.

3 other Individuals were wounded and rushed to the local area hospital, including one of them in a critical condition.

Six people were killed on Saturday morning when a rental truck and bus collided in upstate New York on Jan. 28, 2023.

Police did not say anything about which vehicle of them smashed into the other and did not release the identities of the victims.

Officials described the crash site as “gruesome,” reported by News resources. 

And because of this Incident the highway was shut down to traffic for 12 hours Saturday.

The main reason of the crash is still under investigation by Authorities, though photos of the scene showed banks of foot-high snow on the side of the highway.

A News Reporter said there might have been reduced visibility at the time of the accident.

It looks like the Tour bus appears to be affiliated with the solar energy company LBFNY, based in central New York.

The box truck, a Penske rental, had fully loaded cargo, saud by officials.

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