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 There are more than 6500 languages currently spoken in all over the World. and each country language shows its own identity.

In the homes of Australian country in 2016, approximately there were over 300 separately identified languages spoken. At Homes there are more than one-fifth (21 per cent) of Australians spoke a language other than English language. And after the language of English, the next most common spoken languages at the homes of Australia were Mandarin , Arabic, Vietnamese and Cantonese. 

What is the Third most spoken language in Australia?

What is the third language of Australia?

A post being circulated on social media in which it was told the Australian government has now announced Tamil language as its 3rd national language. Tamil language is one of the oldest existing languages in the world. Thanks to all the people who interested in it and worked towards achieving this. And also thanks to the Australian government!

How many languages are in Australia?

In Australia including 800 dialects there are more than 250 Indigenous languages. Each of these languages is specific to a particular place and people, Area to area it varies. In some areas like the Arnhem Land, many different kind of languages are spoken over a small area. And in other areas, like the huge Western Desert, dialects of one language are spoken.

What main language does Australia speak?

What is the official language of Australia?

Australia has no official language however mostly people speak English in Australia. English language is considered the de-acto national language, however. The primary dialect in Australia is Australian English or General Australian which in terms of spelling and grammar differs in some ways from American and U.K. English.

What are the different languages spoken in Australia?

Torres Strait Island Languages are Spoken In Australia. Australian Creole is a kind that is a mixture of English, Aboriginal languages and the other dialects. The tongue is a pidgin language which is developed as a primary language of a community. The language of Brokan is non-typical Pacific English Creole.

What’s the percentage of English speakers in Australia?

In Australia how many people speak English?

National Statistics Of Languages that a re Spoken in Australia. The 2011 analysis of language that is spoken at home indicate that the majority of Australian residents speak English only as compared to non-English Speakers. Overall about 76.8 per cent of the people speak English language and only, 18.2 per cent are non-English speakers.

Are there any sign languages spoken in Australia?

Yes The Australian country has a sign language known as Auslan, which is the main language of about 5,500 deaf people means those people who cant hear, so other people try to teach them through the different signs. 2 languages are spoken on the islands of the Torres Strait, within the Australian territory, by the Melanesian inhabitants of the area: Meriam and Kalaw Lagaw Ya.

Do you need to translate English to Australian?

As many people who live in Australia speak the English language and use the same kind of dialects that's why there is no need to translate English to Australian as we have mentioned before there is no significant difference between the English of Australia and that of England. English language started to take over from aboriginal languages after the country was systematically colonized by the British from the1780s.

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