Top 10 Countries With Fastest Internet in The World

 Speedtest by Ookla, the world’s go-to website for testing internet speed has released its latest report for mobile internet and broadband speeds around the globe. The report takes into account internet speeds for more than 150 countries and ranks them accordingly. 

The latest report shows numbers from September 2022. Norway is currently on top of the list for mobile internet speed with 126.94 Mbps average speed, maintaining its position since last month. United Arab Emirates (UAE) jumped up one spot to take the second position on the list, barely missing the mark against Norway with 126.85 Mbps. 

The third spot was taken by Qatar in September with 124.29 Mbps, which was actually a drop compared to August. China showed the most favorable gains in September in fourth place with 116.42 Mbps. This was a jump of 5 positions compared to August. Netherlands was at the bottom of the Top 5 with 105.52 Mbps.

Other names in the top 10 included Denmark, South Korea, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. Pakistan ranked 116th on this list with a 14.11 Mbps average speed, which was no different from August.

As for fixed broadband speeds, Chile was at the top of the list with 217.43 Mbps, going up one spot over last month. Singapore came second this time and close behind Chile with 215.83 Mbps. China secured a spot in the top 5 on this list as well with 196 Mbps, an improvement of two positions over last month. Thailand was fourth with 195.22 Mbps and Hong Kong stood in the fifth position with 186.02 Mbps.

Other names in the top 10 included Japan, the United States, Denmark, Macau, and Spain. Pakistan was far behind in this category at rank 150. The average broadband internet speed in Pakistan was only 10 Mbps in September, which sent us down four ranks over August.

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