Faisal Vawda Press Conference

 The former leader of Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Federal Minister Faisal Wuda has said in his press conference that the death of senior journalist Arshad Sharif Shaheed was not an accident. Arshad Sharif's death is a murder which was planned in Pakistan. Further, Faisal Woda also said that after this whole incident Arshad Sharif's laptop or mobile phone will not be found because the evidence has been destroyed. And in their opinion, Arshad Sharif was killed very close to the car and only two bullets hit him. One bullet was fired in the chest and another in the head. And these bullets have not been fired from long range but from close range.

Decision Voda said at the end of the press conference that he would make important revelations about it in days, not months or weeks. He also said that the news of Arshad Sharif being forced out of Dubai is also false and Imran Khan, who is going to march, is seeing blood and bodies falling in it.

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