Lucer Bowley Wah Kent Pakistan

 🍓 *Knowledge for all* 🍓 The Bowley pictures below are by Lucer Bowley (Wah Kent). *bowli* . *Used for step well in Urdu and Hindi*. Sher Shah Suri built many bowlies on the Sher Shah Suri highway (GT Road and Jarneli Road) and other places where elephants and horses could get down. Wherever there are Rajput and Sher Shah Suri era forts, these bowls are definitely found. Generally, stepwells were necessary in the premises of historic buildings. Initially, they were used for construction purposes, later they remained permanently as places of recreation and relaxation.

There are several bavalis in Delhi, one in Lucknow, in the historical buildings of Kalanjar and Chitrakot Dojga, Sahasram, Hyderabad, Bhopal etc. There are still some bavalis left in Pakistan such as Loser Baoli (Wah Cantt), Hattian (Chhach) in Attock District and Rohtas Fort (Jhelum). It is a big well in which the water level can be reached through stairs. Corridors and rooms are built around it which remain very cool even in extreme heat. The nobles used to have their offices and rest there and spent the hot afternoons sitting by the side of the cold water. ۞

Sher Shah Suri built many roads for the convenience of his subjects, these roads were also important from the military point of view. The biggest road started from Kabul and went to Sunargaon (Bengal). The name of this highway was Shahrah Sher Shah Suri as it was named Grant Road during the reign of British Empire. Apart from this, among the major roads, the roads from Agra to Burhanpur, Agra to Jodhpur, and Lahore to Multan are worth mentioning.

Two of their attitudes were planted with shade trees. An inn was built at a distance of two kos, there were a total of 1700 inns on different roads of the empire, they had separate accommodation and food arrangements for Hindus and Muslims.

At the main entrance of every inn, there were pots full of cold water on the road so that the travelers could quench their thirst. Every traveler was given free food, bedding and fodder for his cattle, a well and a mosque were built in every inn. Apart from the imam and muezzin for the mosque, several watchmen were appointed to protect the luggage of the passengers. The superintendent of the inn was called "Shor". The income of the adjoining mir was set aside to support the expenses of these inns. **Bowley's pictures above are "Lucer Bowley." ( Wah Kent Pakistan) is


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