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 A Small size businesses drive the United States of America's economy and these small business not only drive economy they also employ more than 46 percent of workers and give them employment opportunities. We can attribute much of the nation’s economic rebound over the past 2 years to the hard work of American businesses — and to the latest digital tools that helped them adapt. At Google, we can analyse how technology is fueling American business growth in the 2.4 billion connections we make every month between American businesses and their clients.

3 out of 4 American small-and-medium sized businesses announced in their reports that adopting digital tools for Business purposes during the severe pandemic days created new opportunities for their business and open the working opportunities for new employees who are job less and not only declined unemployment also assist business to grow their sales as well. And digitally advanced businesses who had adopted digital tools report twenty times better customer acquisition rates. Yet approximately half (49 percent) of small size businesses still lack the skills and information needed to use digital tools. Filling these skill gaps can help fuel growth for American businesses while creating new opportunities for new workers. That’s why Google is expanding their Google Career Certificates program to further meet the needs of businesses and job seekers. As we have mentioned those who are bigger level businesses in United States have had adopted digital tools, now Google is focusing on small businesses. And this is actually called "Grow with Google".

Google Career Certificate scholarships for U.S. businesses

To make it easier for small businesses in United States to assist their employees learn the skills they need, United States businesses can get up to five hundred scholarships each to Google Career Certificates to guide and train their employees.These scholarships that google offering are worth up to $100,000 in workforce training per American company. Businesses who are interested can apply at

It’s no secret that businesses of all sizes even they are small or medium are struggling to acquire and retain talent. Those who create growth opportunities for their employees have a much better shot at retaining them. Businesses for training their workers and for getting the competitive edge can use Google Career Certificates to train their employees for jobs in digital marketing, data analytics,  & e-commerce, IT support, project management or user experience (UX) design. No experience is required, and workers can earn an industry recognized credential in 3 to 6 months of part-time study. For every scholarship we give, a business will be gaining capabilities and, at the same time, an employee will be growing new skills and will learn about the new digital tools that are compulsory for every business.

Giving businesses more capabilities in Digital marketing and e-commerce 

The pandemic accelerated the demand for advanced digital tools — and we know that those businesses that are digitally advanced  have been more financially resilient, and have hired at twice the rate compared to less digitally advanced peers.

To ensure businesses of all sizes even they are small, medium or big can use e-commerce and digital marketing to unlock growth opportunities — and that they have access to talent with the know-how — Google is launching a new E-commerce and Digital Marketing Certificate.

This new certificate is rigorous, and endorsed by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) Here’s what you should know:

This Google certificate teaches and guides about digital marketing and e-commerce skills, including building an online store, how to find customers, measurement and analytics and increasing customer loyalty.

Like all our certificates, all course instructors are Google employees who are subject-matter experts.

Learners and who are students will get hands-on experience with popular e-commerce and  digital marketing tools and platforms such as Hootsuite, Canva, Constant Contact, HubSpot, MailChimp, Shopify and Twitter, as well as Google Analytics and Google ads.

This particular certificate is the latest addition to the Google Career Certificates program, that's main purpose is to provides flexible online training for skills in high-growth fields. Combined, these certificates provide help to the job seekers with access to more than 1.5 million in-demand jobs in the U.S. Graduates of the program gain approach to jobs through our employer consortium, which includes more than 151 companies — such as Infosys, Crate & Barrel, Walmart, Shopify, Verizon, Wayfair and Google — that are eager to hire entry-level talent in these fields.

Google is looking forward to seeing what opportunities businesses, job seekers and employees continue to unlock with the expansion of the program. Google has provided a platform that's here: Learn more and enroll at

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