Philippines Independence Day 2022

 On this day in 1898,  the country of Philippines declared independence after more than three hundred years under Spanish rule. Every June 12th, Filipinos celebrate their freedom day by flying their national flag high in the sky, just like the one waving in today’s Doodle. 

While there were many who fought for Philippines independence, there are a small number of people who are honored and remembered as heros for their contributions in securing the country’s independence. José Rizal was a key member of the Filipino Propaganda Movement and inspired a wave of nationalism through his writings. Andrés Bonifacio, “The Father of the Philippine Revolution”, formed a secret society called the Katipunan and led a number of successful campaigns against the Spanish. General Emilio Aguinaldo was another notable figure who fought alongside the United States during the Spanish-American War. It was he who, on June 12, proclaimed the Philippine Republic as an independent country, demanding a “dignified place in the concert of free nations.”

Alongside celebrating the heroes we mentioned above, in the capital city of Philippines Manila Filipinos also attend parades, speeches and a 21-gun salute. The national anthem is sung far and wide throughout the archipelago, and people usually enjoy the day off at malls and parks. It wouldn’t be a holiday without some famous foods like kare-kare (oxtail and vegetable stew topped with thick peanut sauce) and halo-halo (shaved ice sundae).

Happy Araw ng Kasarinlán, or Independence Day, to the Philippines!

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