Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan's Road Dance Video

 Pakistani Famous and superstar Mahira Khan won the hearts of her fans by dancing with her co-star Bilal Ashraf during the shooting of the telefilm.

In the viral video, that is getting more popular Mahira can be seen dancing with Bilal Ashraf during the shooting of telefilm

And that Telefilm name is 'Aik Hai Nigar'. Both the stars stole the limelight with their dance moves as they both smiled while dancing.

Pakistani telefilm 'Ak Hai Nigar'has won the Best Asian Film category at the prestigious Septimus Awards, in Mahira Khan has played the role of Pakistan's first female lieutenant general Nigar Johar in the film.

Actress Bilal Ashraf and Bilal Ashraf can be seen with people who are busy making videos of their dance.

In this video Actor Bilal Ashraf and Mahira Khan danced to the song of famous Indian singer Pratik Bachan.

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