Muslim Culture

Muslim Religion

The Religion of Islam is the 2nd Largest religion in all over the world. Those people who follows the Rules of the religion of Islam and Worship to ALLAH (GOD) are called Muslims. Muslims people are very kind and Firendly people. Muslim people are very peaceful. Muslim Culture and Custom show that Muslim adopted in their life for eating, wearing, wedding and living life. in Most of the Muslim Countries people having the same living styles. 

Arabic Language 

Muslim Language

Muslims must learn the Arabic because their holy Quran book is in Arabic language. Although its Arab country language but all Muslim must try to learn it.

Muslim Festivals

Eid ul-fitr,Eid ul-Adha,Shab-e-baraat-Ashura-Lailatul-Miraj and Month of Ramadan are popular Festivals of the Muslims. And according to their respective schedule Muslims celebrate these festivals.

Muslim Marriage

Holy prophet stated that marriage is half of religion thats why marriage is considered as an important part of life. for Married man there are four marriages are allowed. But for a Woman its compulsory to get divorce from the first Man and wait for mourning time and  then get married to the next Man to whom she want.