Finland's Official language

 What languages are spoken in Finland?

What is the Official language of Finland?

There are more than 1 hundred and 50 different languages spoken in the country of Finland. There are two official languages of Finland (Finnish and Swedish) In addition to the two official languages the country has other languages that have their 'users' rights that are written down in the law. Sami languages are spoken by the indigenous populations of Finland. The other autochthonous languages that have a long history in the country of Finland include Finnish Romani, Finnish sign language, Karelian, and Finland-Swedish sign language.

The Three Most Spoken Languages of Finland


With approximately 88.88% population of Finland speaks Finnish. Which is the 4,868,751 people of Finland's population, the Finnish language is widely spoken by the majority in the country. The Finnish language dates back about 500 hundred years and a little less closely related to the Sami languages and closely related to Estonian languages. Additionally, The Finnic languages belong to the Uralic language family. Therefore Finnish is distantly related to various languages as diverse as the Siberian Samoyedic language and Ugric language of Hungary known as Nenets.


Approximately about by 9 million people in the world speak Swedish as their mother tongue. In Finland country, about 290,747 people speak the language which is equivalent to 5.31percent of the country's total population. About 92.5 percent of Swedish speakers in the country hail from the autonomous province of Åland. During the start of the 20th century, the number of Swedish speakers represented an equivalent of 14 percent of the total population of the country of Finland. However, with the passage of time their numbers have since gone down. In 2012 about by 44 percent of the country's citizens who registered a different primary language could converse in Swedish. Being considered as a North Germanic language and sub-branch of Indo-European, Swedish is closely related to Danish, German, English, and Norwegian languages. Until the late 19th century, the country of Finland’s language of administration was the Swedish language. Together with Finnish language, in Finland schools they are the compulsory languages with the only exception being children with a third language as their native language. Porvoo, Vaasa, Helsinki and Espoo are 4 of the largest Swedish-speaking communities in the country of Finland. Finland-Swedish are the leading Swedish dialects that are spoken in the country of Finland.

Third most spoken language of Finland


Russian language is the country's 3rd most spoken language with approximately 69,614 speakers which is 1.27 percent of the total population of the country of Finland. As a result of the former Soviet influence in the Europe, the Country's older generations is most likely to speak Russian language either as a 3rd or fourth language. However, the language is not so much famous and popular among the younger generations since it is quickly being replaced by the language of English. As a matter of fact, the country of Finland is ranked among the world's top four countries that are fluent in speaking English language. Despite in Finland the language not having an official status; historically, Russian language served as the 3rd co-official language in the country. Together with the Swedish languages and Finnish languages, Russian language was a co-official language for a brief moment between 1900 and 1917.

Other Languages Spoken In Finland

Besides the Åland, all municipalities in the country whose residents speak both official languages account for at least three thousand people equivalent to about 8 percent of the population. There are many other languages that are spoken in the country of Finland either as a native language or as a side language. The other languages includes the Estonian language accounting for 0.84 percent of the population, English language with 0.31 percent, Somali language with 0.31 percent, Arabic language with 0.27 percent, Kurdish language with 0.20 percent, Chinese language with 0.18 percent, Albanian language with 0.16 percent, Persian language with 0.15 percent, Thai language with 0.15 percent, Vietnamese language with 0.14 percent, Turkish language with 0.12 percent, Spanish language with 0.12 percent, and German language with 0.11 percent. Other languages and Sami account for 1.34 percent and 0.04 percent of the total population of Finland respectively.

How many languages are spoken in Finland?



No. of speakers (>5,000)

% Of Population Speaking The Language


Finnish language


88.98 percent


Swedish language


5.31 percent


Russian language


1.27 percent


Estonian language


0.84 percent


English language


0.31 percent


Somali language


0.31 percent


Arabic language


0.27 percent


Kurdish language


0.20 percent


Chinese language


0.18 percent


Albanian language


0.16 percent


Persian language


0.15 percent


Thai language


0.15 percent


Vietnamese language


0.14 percent


Turkish language


0.12 percent


Spanish language


0.12 percent


German language


0.11 percent


Sami languages


0.04 percent


Other languages


1.34 percent


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