International Migrants Day 18 December

 On the occasion of International Migrants Day (18 December 2023), we celebrate and reflect on the contributions of millions of migrants worldwide.

Community on the move are powerful drivers for development in both their destination and origin countries, as students, workers, entrepreneurs, artists, family members and much more. Migrants often keep strong connections to their home countries from there they did come while embracing their new communities, where they bring a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience. Migrants also plays a very important role for growing cultures from one country to another. 

If well managed, mobility can be a cornerstone of sustainable development, progress and prosperity. Unlocking migration’s potential is key to accelerating efforts to meet the significant challenges of the 2030 Agenda articulated during the Sustainable Development Goal summit in New York in September 2023, for the benefit of all.

There is a serious demand for the international community to provide people-centered and evidence-based solutions for people to remain in their communities, and for those people who want to or must move.

The recently completed COP28 summit in Dubai provided the opportunity for IOM to advocate again for the impact of climate change on migrants to be a central part of this discussion. Promoting inclusive and equal partnerships with migrants, women, persons with communities and disabilities, while emphasizing the role of youth generation, is now more critical than ever.

On this International Migrants Day, IOM aims to position migration as one of the solutions to global challenges, such as adapting to the impacts of climate change or providing the better economic opportunities for communities.

Every person can make a difference. Every person can be an agent of change. Together, our collective actions today, will prepare us for a better tomorrow.

Hope this article is enough to make you possible in understanding the meaning of International Migrants Day in a brief way. thanks!

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