Google's Announcement To Change The Method Of Earning On AdSense

 The world's largest internet search engine 'Google' has announced to change the method of earning advertisements on websites, Google says that the earnings of users who run advertisements in a new way will be better, in a post from Google. It has been reported that the method of earning on Google AdSense will be changed possibly on the occasion of New Year 2024.

Individuals and companies displaying ads on sites get paid for 'clicks', while under the new method consumers will get paid for displaying or showing ads on websites, which is called 'impression payment'. 'Per Impression Payment' means that website owners will get paid for every impression i.e. page view, usually Google provides payment based on 1000 page views, however some websites have less number of page views. Or maybe more. Until now, Google AdSense has a 'pay-per-click' method, meaning that Google pays website owners the number of times their page is clicked, but under the new method any part of the website is clicked. Or money will be paid even if the advertisement is seen on the page. 

Under the new method, the website owners will not have to make any changes, Google will display the ads on the websites under its automatic system. There will be no difference in the earnings share of the website owners. 

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