Pakistan Is A Country Of Natural Resources

 Bahawalpur Airport is very similar to Delhi Airport.

35 minutes away.

Delhi Airport has become big because refueling is done there for the flight going to Europe or America.

At Delhi airport, the flight stays in the air for half an hour only because the hangar below is not empty. If the flight has to travel to Europe or America or anywhere in the world, then it must be filled with fuel from Delhi airport.

If compared to that, we build a refilling station in Bahawalpur.

So more than half of Delhi's rush will break and come to us

Our international airport will also be built, we will also have refilling.

The government and civil aviation will also get a good rent and our airport will become functional.

  Apart from this we also have hangers

It means that an airport has been built and there is a lot of land with the airport.

Where an airport can be improved is a plane landing on one side and taking off on the other side.

Normal ships travel at a speed of 900 km per hour

Delhi to Bahawalpur if you look at this speed, it takes half an hour.

If refilling work starts in Bahawalpur then international flight will start landing in Bahawalpur

Hoteling business will start and activity will increase, there will be development in local business.

People will start coming from outside Bahawalpur and will go to other countries and tourism will be boosted.

With this we can make our desert a picnic point. Dubai desert is smaller than our desert while our desert is bigger and more beautiful.

  The people of Dubai themselves are also drawn here. The desert of Dubai is always full of tourists.

  These tourists can also come here.

There is no issue of law and order here.

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