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 *** Two million year old picture Of Triangulum Galaxy***

Facts About Triangulum Galaxy

This is the Triangulum Galaxy...

Its distance from Earth is about 2.7 million light years.

This picture was taken by me on the night of January 22 in the premises of Taqvi Space Observatory in Bela area of Balochistanphoto (Pakistan) using my DSLR camera and 135mm lens... (Said by Dr. Ahmed Naeem) 

Each photo captured in this image is 2.7 million years old, and the image was created by stacking 30 images after allowing light to fall on the camera's sensor for about an hour with a shutter time of 2 minutes. After getting...

After seeing this picture in its final form, a strange thought came to my mind...

If only we could send this picture to a creature living in the Triangulum Galaxy...

And in return, they would send us a picture of our Milky Way galaxy...

In this way we would see our galaxy and it would be our...

Because while living inside their own galaxy, they can't see their own galaxy and neither can we...

But a thought is just a thought...

The fact is that if the message goes even at the speed of light, it will take 5.4 million years to complete the two-way journey...

Human imagination knows no bounds, but the distances in the universe are far wider than human imagination...

(Writing and photo: Dr. Ahmed Naeem)

For those interested in photography, the following are the technical details of the photo...


120 seconds x 31 lights

ISO: 1600

15 darks

30 biases

No flats

Stacked in Cyril and post processed in Cyril, Starnet ++, Photoshop and a bit of final touch up in Lightroom mobile.

Camera: Canon 2000D (Stock)

Lens: Samyang 135mm at f/2.8

Tracker: SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Pro

Information Given by Dr. Ahmad Naeem. 

Triangulum Galaxy Images

Note: These are Some Extra Images of Triangulum Galaxy we are adding here that we collect from Different resources of Internet. And the only 1 Picture we mentioned above was taken by Dr. Ahmed Naeem From Pakistan that we already have mentioned and discussed above. 

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