The Self-Married Woman Divorced Herself Within 24 Hours

 A woman who married herself got fed up with herself and divorced after 24 hours. 

Argentine social media star "Sophie Mayur" first announced that she had married herself and 24 hours later said, "I can't take it anymore, so I'm getting a divorce." According to foreign media, Sufi posted her photos on Twitter and other social media platforms in the past few days in which she was wearing a wedding dress. Along with the pictures, Sufi wrote, "Today is the most exciting moment of my life. I bought a wedding dress and made a special cake to marry myself."

Sufi's post received a large number of reactions with users calling it a cheap way of fame while some congratulated her and wished her well. Just 24 hours after the post, Sufi posted that I can't take it anymore, I'm looking at divorce. The users also expressed different types of reactions to the new post, but whatever the reaction of the users, Sufi has succeeded in making a place not only in social media but also in other media through her post.

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