US Diverts Four Russian Warplanes Flying Near Alaska

 The United States Air Force diverted 4 Russian aircraft that were flying near Alaska Monday Feb 14 ,  2023 in what government officials called a “routine intercept.”

It was said by The North American Aerospace Defense Command on Tuesday that it “detected, tracked, positively identified” the four aircraft, which included TU-95 BEAR-H bombers and SU-35 fighter jets.

“NORAD had anticipated this Russian activity and, as a result of our planning, was prepared to intercept it,” it was said by the agency in a statement.

Though the Russian aircraft were operating within Air Defense Identification Zone of Alaska, they remained in international airspace.

The interference occurred just hours after 2 Dutch fighter jets intercepted a formation of 3 Russian military aircraft just near Poland’s NATO airspace and escorted them out.

The four detected Russian aircraft included a SU-35 fighter jet.

There were 5 NORAD fighter jets sent to escort the aircraft away from North American airspace and determined that the jets were not a threat — according to the command the Russian aircraft flying in the vicinity is a regular occurrence. 

“NORAD also assessed that this Russian flight activity is in no way related to recent NORAD and U.S. Northern Command operations associated with airborne objects over North America during the last 2 weeks,” said by the agency. 

There were 4 different “flying objects” have been shot down over Canadian and US airspace since early February 2023.

It was ordered by the President Biden to the US Air Force to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon on Feb. 4, 2023 — 8 days and more than 4,000 miles after it 1st breached the border of US. It was said by the State Department that the object was equipped with antennas capable of collecting and gathering communications signals and there was also other intelligence-gathering equipment. 

Between February. 10 and 12, the United States Air Force shot down 3 more suspicious objects — 1 object over Alaska on Friday, the 2nd object over northwestern Canada on Saturday and the 3rd one object over Lake Huron on Sunday.

None of these shot down objects have been tied to China or any other country.

President Biden has been largely quiet about the flying objects floating over the United States airspace, though National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Monday that the White House has been “as transparent as we can be” about the situation.

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