Helicopters Collide On The Gold Coast Near SeaWorld Theme Park In Australia

At least there are 4 people are dead after 2 helicopters collided on Australia’s Gold Coast near a SeaWorld theme park late Sunday night 1 January 2023, according to reports given to the News Anchors.

Queensland Police department confirmed the crash of Helicopter via Twitter, but did not provide more details about it.

“Due to a helicopter Crash Seaworld Drive in Main Beach has been closed off. Pedestrians and Motorists are urged to avoid the area,” It was said by the agency in its tweet.

It was said by Queensland Ambulance Service that thirteen patients were being assessed and 6 patients were taken to area hospitals, reported by the 9News Australia. 

And it was Confirmed by the the Police to the outlet that one of the helicopters was able to land successfully after the aircraft “came into contact with each other.” 

Photos and video from the scene show wreckage covering a sand island thats close to the coast. Number of the emergency personnel were seen on the sand island assisting with the incident. 

It’s not clear untill now what led to the crash. 

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau was investigating the collision, chief commissioner "Angus Mitchell said". 

The Gold Coast region is at its busiest in January, the peak time for holidays in Australia’s summer.

Let us Inform you more that the Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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