UAE National Day

UAE National Day 2022

Today's December 2 Doodle Celebrates United Arab Emirates National Day. On This day in 1961, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain United to form 1 country. Ras Al Khaimah the 7th Emirate, joined the following year to complete what is now known as the UAE. 

A joyful Celebrations kick off with an exhilarating show at Zayed Sports City in Abu dhabi with Many people's gathered for celebrations. Thousands of people get to gather for watching Musicians, Orchestras, andaerobatic displays. After a speech was given by the National leader to honor the country's founding fathers. Firework splash across the Abu Dhabi skyline as festivities carry into the light. 

Depicted in today's art work, the flag of UAE was officially adopted in 1971. It features a vertical red line with horizontal black, white and green stripes what represent courage, peace, prosperity and strength of mind. 

Happy UAE National Day. 

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