Chloe Brennan


Chloe Brennan Bio, Age, Height, weight and basic introduction

Height  5.6 

Weight  145


Lassiters Event Organizer, Lassiters General Manager


09/09/1990 (32 years of Old)  


Russell Brennan


Fay Brennan


Strongwoman competitor

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS of Chloe brennan

3 x World’s Strongest Becoming yhe (European) England’s Strongest Woman U64 2019, and winning the Rogue Replica Dinnie Stone World Record, and coming in second place Arnold Amateur World Championships U64 2022. She is very Strong

Detailed BIO

Chloe Brennan got into I got into strongman through her partner Matt. Having always been taking participation in football, sporty, athletics and trampolining she definitely has a competitive streak but had been put off training in the gym through fear of becoming bulky or ‘looking like a man’, which is a fear she's sharing with many other women in the World – obviously, now she knows that isn’t a thing. 

Her partner Matt encouraged her to start weight lifting and through that Chloe started competing in a federation called International All-round Weightlifting Association which involves lots of wonderful and weird lifts. In 2017 she entered her first qualifier in  which she won, and then she went on to podium at both England and Britain’s Strongest Woman in 2007. Chloe then started to realise she was actually okay at this strongwoman thing! 

The biggest achievements of Chloe is winning England’s Strongest Woman, setting the World Records for the Rogue Replica Dinnie Stone Hold and the U64 Car Walk, and coming top 5 in all World Championship events that she has participated in so far. Recently She won the UKNS UK’s Strongest Woman too which was a fantastic event, and she’s looking forward to seeing the tested side of the sport grow.  

Here is her Video in which she lifted Heavy Stone that we got one of her's YouTube Channel 👇

Chloe Brennan has just moved up a weight class and her plans are to be competitive in that new class (U73kg), and to get on another international podium.  She is very Strong Woman that is encouraging to other Women. Good luck Chloe Brennan 👎 #Chloe_Brennan_Strongwoman_Height 



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