Three Members Of Football Team Killed In University of Virginia

  University of Virginia's football team 3 members have been shot and killed on campus.

And 2 others members of football team were injured in the shooting, This Incident was occurred on Sunday evening when a University bus filled with students returning from a field trip.

Its said by the Police as the Universityas pulled into a parking garage on the university campus they were attacked.

A suspected person is in the custody of  Police that was charged with 3 counts of 2nd degree murder and 3 counts of using a handgun.

As the police continued their investigations on this brutal attack but until now there are no possible motive for the attack was reported by the police or any Authority.

A shelter-in-place order for the Virginia University campus has been lifted but there will be no classes on Monday.

Reportedly the shooting of this brutal attack on the Football team members took place at around 22:30 (03:30 GMT) at a garage on the Culbreth Road, on the university's Charlottesville campus.

Those football team members who were killed killed in this brutal killing attack were identified as D'Sean Perry a 4th year student from Miami, Florida USA, Devin Chandler, a 2nd year student from Virginia Beach, and Lavel Davis, a 3rd year student from Rich Hill, South Carolina. These alll were the young guys. 

The dead bodies of the victims were found inside a charter bus that were in the Campus parking garage after they returned from a field trip. "Police saying

The university named the suspect as one of its students, Christopher Darnell Jones Jr, aged 22.

This violence has devastated the name of  University of Virginia," said Jim Ryan, the university's president.

This University is Ranked number 3 in Public Universities in US and considered among one of the most prestigious University in the country. 

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