Pakistan ex-PM Imran Khan shot and wounded at protest march

 Pakistan's former PM Imran Khan has been shot and wounded during a protest march in the eastern city of Wazirabad, in an apparent assassination attempt.

Important members of his PTI party said another 4 people were hurt on Thursday - but no-one was killed during this incident.

It is informed that bullet hit his leg, but an aide was quoted as saying he was not in danger.

Mr Khan, 70, was leading the march on the capital Islamabad to demand snap elections after he was ousted.

A senior aide told AFP news agency: "This was an attempt to kill him, to assassinate him." Two male suspect was later arrested who were in the march from previous 1 hours according to police. 

Last month, Pakistan's election commission disqualified Mr Khan from holding public office in a case described by the former star cricketer as politically motived.

He had been accused of incorrectly declaring details of gifts from foreign dignitaries and proceeds from their alleged sale. The gifts included Rolex watches, a ring and a pair of cuff links.

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