Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan's Speech After Being Shot

  Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan's statement came out after being shot. Imran Khan said they tried to kill me. Dr. Faisal will tell me where I got the pills. Dr. Faisal Sultan then said Imran Khan's bone has fractured due to bullet injury. Imran Khan was shot in the right leg.

 I got four shots. Imran khan said I found out the day before I left they had planned to kill me in Wazirabad or Gujranwala۔ 

Imran Khan said that I am ending the march for now and will do the long march again as soon as I am well. But after all this a new debate broke out. Did Imran Khan get four bullets or two? Because of the contradiction between the statements of Imran Khan and Dr. Faisal. After Imran Khan was shot in Wazirabad yesterday, Dr. Faisal said that Imran Khan was hit by two bullets. While today Imran Khan gave an important statement while holding a press conference in the hospital that he was hit by four bullets.

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