India Gujrat Morbi Machu Bridge Incident 134 Persons Died Dozens Missing

 The 140-year-old bridge collapsed in the Indian state of Gujarat, the CCTV footage of its collapse was revealed. 

Yesterday, the bridge built on the Machhu river in the city of Morbi in Gujarat collapsed and at that time hundreds of people who were on the bridge for sightseeing fell into the river. Wake up As a result, the death toll has reached 134. And many people are injured while the search for dozens of missing people continues. Reports said that the bridge had a capacity of 100 people, but at the time of the accident, there were 400 people. The bridge, built over the river in 1880, has been a center of entertainment and was opened to the public on October 26 after repairs last week. According to reports, the police have arrested 9 people including the manager of the repair company.

Full video could be seen here. . 

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