Divorce Effects To Whom?

 The parents would have separated, but the children would have suffered the consequences. Sometimes the court decides in favor of the mother that the children meet the mother and sometimes the decision goes in favor of the father. And there is no doubt that the father also loves his children and when the children are away from him, GOD has given the man the strength to endure and made him strong. But believe me, mother can't stand with this deep shock. And one thing I would like to say is that of course when the husband and wife do not get along and it becomes impossible for them to live together, then  GOD has prepared the way for divorce, but divorce is the most important thing near to GOD. This is an undesirable action.

Therefore, I request all of you to continue with your good life, to have problems in every home. If a person maintains patience and patience and learns to compromise a little, then believe me, your life can be very beautiful. I spent five years working part-time Job with an Agreement writer, where I received dozens of divorce cases from people who came to me for divorce. I would listen to the views of both the spouses separately, then I would sit in one place and listen to their words face to face and then I would try to remove the misunderstandings between them. Believe me, the same spouses who used to come to write divorce or any of their parents would go back in despair.

And most of these couples would come to my office with their children and pray for me a couple of years later. This is my personal experience that I shared with you today. Please don't ruin your yard because of these small things. May GOD bless the homes of all humanity. Peace be upon you! Written by Junaid Qureshi.

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