Afghanistan language

The country of Afghanistan is home to more than 35 million people who primarily speak Pashto and/ or Dari (Afghan Persian or Farsi). There are many other immigrant and minority languages spoken in the country, however.

How Many Languages Are Spoken in Afghanistan?

what languages do people speak in Afghanistan?

What languages are spoken in Afghanistan?

According to one linguist, Afghanistan has 40 minor languages with 200 different dialects in addition to the official Pashto and Persian languages that are spoken within country. In Afghanistan Languages that are most non-official languages are spoken by ethnic groups, including the indigenous people of the area.

Official Languages of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Official language

Afghanistan language

Afghanistan has 2 official and widely spoken languages: Dari language, is also known as Afghan Persian, and Pashto language. Afghan Persian language is often called "Farsi" or "Persian" by native speakers but in 1960s the name was changed to Dari. And these both languages are Indo-European languages in the Iranian family.

Dari is the lingua franca of Afghanistan. Dari is the native tongue for many ethnic groups like the Hazaras, Aimaks, and Tajiks. The Pashto language is spoken by Pashtuns and considered as Pashtuns native language, Afghanistan's dominant ethnic group. Multilingualism is very common in the country of Afghanistan.

About 77 percent of people in Afghanistan country speak Dari and 48 percent speak Pashto.

What are other languages spoken in Afghanistan?

Other Languages of Afghanistan

Aside from Pashto and Dari here are dozens of other languages spoken in Afghanistan.

Aside from Pashto and Dari there are Several Indo-Iranian languages are spoken such as: -- Uzbek: that is a Turkish language and this is the official language of Uzbekistan. 11% of the Afghanistan population speak this language. And that number is Up to 3.4 million people in Afghanistan. -- Turkmen: that is the official language of Turkmenistan and the language that spoken by Turkmen people. About 1.5 million people (3 percent) in northwest Afghanistan speak Turkmen language. -- Balochi: spoken by the Baloch people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. -- Nuristani: a group of languages that are spoken by 130,000 people in the eastern area of Afghanistan -- Pashayi: a group of languages that are spoken by 400,000 Pashai people of the northeastern area of Afghanistan.

And Afghanistan other minority languages include: -- Ashkunu: that is Spoken by 40,000 Ashkun people from Pech Valley and some areas of Nuristan Province. -- Kamkata-viri: language that is spoken by up to 60,000 people in various tribes in Pakistan and Afghanistan. -- Vasi-vari: language that is Spoken by about 8,000 people.


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