A Brief view about culture & Geography of the Australia

Australian Culture & Geography ( Orientation):


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Identification: The Title of the Australian Name was suggested in 1814 and was derived from the Latin terra Australia incognita (that is the unknown South land) that is before the European Colonization had been used by the map makers. In 1817 by the British Governor of the Colony of New south Wales "Australia" Name was formally adopted and popularized and came in to being and was popularized in the world.

Since its days as a British colony within the Australia many new people of the different nations from all over the world came, and also Australia has developed a complex national culture with immigrants from many parts of the world as well as a Torres Strait islander population and an indigenous Aboriginal. The strong sense and concept of historical and societal differences and distinctiveness among the many different territories and states has not developed into major subcultural diversity based on geographic areas and regions.

Every nation have its own Cultural history however, for much of the nation's history, there has been a focus on assimilating different cultural groups into the dominant British Australian traditions; however, a more pluralist policy of multiculturalism came to prominence early in the 1970. Bicentennial events were promoted officially in 1988 as the "celebration of a nation." A commitment was made to the idea that Australia is a region that is collectivity of diverse people’s living in a relatively young society. However, the divisions within the nation continue to find expression in public life, arising from social differences in Social class, race, ethnicity, and gender.

The Australian Continent Culture is Primarily the Culture of the West, It is also influenced and affected by the unique Australian Geography and to some extent derived from Britain, the cultural input of Torres Strait Islander, Aboriginal and other Continent Australian people. In 1788, The British Colonization of Australia was about to started, and waves of multi-ethnic migration followed.

The evidence of a significant Anglo Celtic heritage includes the predominance of the existence of Democratic system and language of English of government drawing upon the British traditions of Parliamentarianism, Constitutional monarchy and Westminster Government, Christianity, American constitutionalist and federalist traditions, as the dominant religion, and the popularity of sports 


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