Old Animals In The World

Ancient animal of Pakistan

The skeleton of this animal, which came out from "Black Chitta Pahar" Called in their local language and English Meaning are (Black and White Mountain), Attock, is millions of years old Pakistan has that ancient animal which we have not seen About 5.6 million years ago, between Attock and Fateh Jang city of Pakistan, there is a mountain range called Kala Chitta Pahar.

 Attock where this was a carnivorous predator with a slender body, long snout, strong jaws and a long tail with sharp teeth. It was primarily a terrestrial animal but spent most of its time in water for hunting. Millions of years ago, these land-dwelling ancestors of whales looked like dogs and wolves in terms of their size and physical structure. According to archaeologists, the body length of Pakisets was up to 7 feet, while its weight is estimated to be 50 pounds. Its diet mainly consisted of fish and aquatic animals. The first structure of Pakisets was found in 1981. It was recovered from Kala Chitta Mountain in Attock.

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