California Shooting | 7 People Dead

 A “disgruntled worker” allegedly killed 7 people who were the coworkers and injured another in shootings at a pair of nurseries in the Northern California city of Half Bay (USA) on Monday afternoon 23 January 2023, It was said bt official reports. 

The suspect of incident who opened fire is identified as 67-year-old "Chunli Zhao", later turned himself in to authorities following the bloodshed that came just 2 days after the Golden State was rocked by another mass shooting that left 11 people dead at a ballroom in Monterey Park outside Los Angeles, it was said by authorities. 

In Monday's Shooting Some of the victims were gunned down in front of horrified children at the 2 scenes separated by several miles on the outskirts of the small city along the California’s coast was reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, citing San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus

A suspect is arrested by law enforcement personnel after a mass shooting at two locations in the coastal northern California city of Half Moon Bay, Calif.

Zhao, a Half Moon Bay resident, is believed to have acted alone and was “fully cooperating” with investigators after his arrest, It was said by a Corpus at an evening press conference, according to the local newspaper. 

It was said by the Sheriff officials 4 people were fatally gunned down and 1 person was wounded at 1 nursery and the other 3 victims of this incident were killed at another nursery. Police learned of the rampage around 2:30 p.m.

Until now its Unclear how the 2 locations are tied to each other, but San Mateo County Board of Supervisors President Dave Pine said the suspect worked for 1 of the businesses. He also called the suspect a “disgruntled worker.”

It was said by Police the victims were also workers at the facilities. Corpus also said that Some of the workers even kept their residency at the location with their families. 

Police investigate the scene of a mass shooting off Cabrillo Highway in Half Moon Bay, Calif.

Corpus said “For children to witness this is unspeakable,”. “This is a devastating tragedy for this local community and the many families touched by this unspeakable act of violence.”

San Mateo Sheriff Christina Corpus said the Shooter Zhao was found in the parking lot of a sheriff’s substation and surrendered to deputies without incident. There is a semi-automatic weapon was found in this vehicle, said by her.

A man wearing a white baseball cap was seen being led away in handcuffs, CBS Bay Area reported.

The deadly rampage came as California was still reeling from Saturday’s mass shooting, carried out by 72-year-old Huu Can Tran, who later committed suicide amid a police hunt.

 “We are sickened by today’s tragedy in Half Moon Bay. The scourge of gun violence has sadly hit home. We have not even had time to grieve for those lost in the terrible shooting in Monterey Park,” Pine said in a statement. 

"Gun violence must stop. The State of California has among the strictest gun laws in the US, which we have strengthened through local action here, but more must be done. The status quo cannot be tolerated.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom was comforting victims of the Monterey Park shooting when he received news of the Half Moon Bay tragedy. 

“At the hospital meeting with victims of a mass shooting when I get pulled away to be briefed about another shooting,” Newsom said in a tweet Monday evening. “This time in Half Moon Bay. Tragedy upon tragedy.” 

California State Sen. Josh Becker said his thoughts are with all those affected.

“Gun violence has come to our district today and I will do whatever I can to support the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department and Half Moon Bay city officials during this tragic event. We will continue to monitor this situation,” Becker said in a tweet. “My thoughts go out to all affected.”

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