Five Countries That Define The World's Culture

   A country's influence on the world stage is generally judged on the basis of its military, politics or economy, but some countries' culture, food, fashion or entertainment industry make them stand out in the world.

A global report ranks culturally significant countries.

Although the first ten countries in this list, including Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, belong to Europe, but Japan is at the top in terms of being modern and luxurious.  Brazil is considered to be a country of fun and happy people, while America is culturally significant.

 In this article, we spoke to the people of the top five culturally influential countries and tried to find out how important their nation is and what it's like to live in such an important country.


Famous designer fashion brands like Armani, Versace and Gucci are from Italy.  Italy scores ten out of ten for being 'fashionable and trendy'.

"It's a cliché, but Italians care about what looks good and they worry a lot about looking fashionable," says Liceo Biflamano from Rome.

 Everything that has a style or style, from food to furniture, has a strong Italian presence, says Angela Corris.  Italian food is very famous.  Go to Rome to check this out.

 Koris says that even in times of financial crisis, Romans never stopped eating out.  Here you will find a modern fusion of traditional food and flavors.  Although it may sound strange, the combination of cheese and seafood is very tasty.


 France is at the forefront of 'modern, elegant and fashionable'.

 Paris-based Ruben Fils realized the importance of his own culture when he traveled to the Middle East and Asia.

 He said that 'those living in rural areas are also inspired by French art, food and fashion and love it.'

 Although Paris seems to have a lot of French culture, Lyon and Bordeaux also have a lot to offer.

 'Bordeaux is a wonderful city and makes great wine,' says Phyllis.  There are many historic buildings here.'

 Lyon is the third most populous city in France.  The food here is very famous.


 Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon are the religion of American technology industry.  Every day billions of people are connected through these companies and social networks.

 Americans who influence the world are identified as achievers of potential and dream big.

 "We still believe in the American Dream," says University of Florida professor Andrew Slapek.  Which is only possible here, which was a British colony in the past, slaves, debtors, religiously oppressed and the most marginalized people in the world.'

 New York, the nation's largest city, reflects these values.  On the other side is Los Angeles, home to Hollywood and the entertainment content that reshapes culture in America and beyond.

 Hollywood America

 "American TV shows, movies shape how we talk, what we wear, what we see, and where we are," says Andrew Slapek.

 Between these two cities there is a vast geography that includes deserts, seas, mountains, plains and millions of people live there.  This country prides itself on its cultural diversity.  Your experience in every city in America will be different, just as Miami is different from Chicago, Chicago is different from New York.  Each city tells about its history and the people who live there.


 At one time, the largest kingdom in the world was in Spain.  The effects of Spain's history will be seen beyond its geographical boundaries to South America.

 After Chinese, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.  Spanish-language movies, TV and music have taken the country to new heights.

 From the Spanish language to the religion, the food, the festivals and more, whenever I travel, I get to know a lot about my country,' says Inma Jarjoria.

 Spain's tapas culture is spreading rapidly around the world, but it's also connecting people locally.

 "Food is a lifestyle here," says Andre Ariza from Barcelona.  Eating with friends or with strangers around is a form of sharing

 Spain welcomes visitors from abroad.

 The food of Spain

 If you know Spanish, it will be easier for you to get around here, but the lack of language is not a big problem.  Most big cities have schools that teach Spanish and people help out too.  The people of Spain are friendly

 United Kingdom

 "Shahana" Britain is leading in this ranking.  British people pride themselves on innovation, openness, creativity and the ability to work well with different people.

 Ann Hawkins, a resident of London, says that the best universities in the world are here.  Don't forget that we are also British who invented the machine code computer, the WWW.


 The French people are very uncertain about their identity, like how they changed the world.  French language challenge for newcomers etc.

 'Newcomers have to adapt to the French way because the French never change themselves for you,' says Phyllis.

 United States

 America tops in being 'innovative and prominent in entertainment'.  American movies, music and TV shows are watched all over the world.  Even programs that first started in another country, like reality TV shows that started in the UK, but became more popular when America made them.

 The influence of the English language and its inherent flexibility allowed Britain to flourish as a place where people could come and create their own new future.

 Hawkins says: 'Our language is rich in its use of other languages   and generous to its learners.

 He added: 'My friend from Venezuela came to London 11 years ago with only £700 and no English.  Today he is a business consultant and runs more than 30 restaurants and shops.  Anyone can come to the UK and work as a British citizen.  If you don't believe what I say, I can talk to you over broth.'

 Outsiders should know that the British don't always say what they mean so you need to understand the intertextuality.  'It's important for you to understand the nuances of language and body language,' says Australia's Amanda O'Brien, who blogs for Boutique Adventures.

 For example, 'I'm not a shaver' always means 'no'.  'Englishmen often mean the exact opposite of what they say,' says Hawkins.  This language is full of allusions and metaphors.

 As the country's center of commerce, London has been the destination and center for expatriates.  Although the city lacks affordable housing, there are plenty of museums, concert halls, theaters, etc. that create an atmosphere that gives the residents a cultural edge.

 Gregory Golinsky, an English expatriate from Paris, said that the famous English writer "Samuel Johnson famously said that when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."

 'I very much agree with him.  There are so many points of interest that you could visit a new place every week on vacation.  You won't have to bother pressing the same thing.'

 But this superiority does not end only at the capital.  Edinburgh's cultural influence goes beyond its name as it hosts the world's largest arts festival, the Fringe Festival, and is also the birthplace of Harry Potter.  Birmingham in the middle of the country also competes in terms of importance.  'From clubs to orchestras, Birmingham has a fantastic culture,' says Hawkins.  The city has more canals than the world famous city of Venice and a jewel district where modern fashion meets traditional craftsmanship.'

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