Japan Culture day

When is Culture Day?

On November 3rd each year, your colleagues in Japan celebrate Culture Day.

If November 3rd falls on a Sunday, then the following Monday will be a public holiday instead.

History of Culture Day?

Culture Day, otherwise known as Bunka no hi, is a day to honour traditional Japanese culture and promote the love of freedom and peace that was enshrined in the Japanese constitution.

The current Japanese constitution was officially adopted on November 3rd 1946 after the end of the Second World War and Culture Day has been a holiday since 1948.

But that’s not all, November 3rd is a notable date in Japan as it also marks the date of birth of Emperor Meiji, who ruled Japan from 1867 until his death in 1912. From 1927 until 1947, November 3rd was a national holiday called "Meiji Setsu," in honour of the late Emperor.

How is Culture Day celebrated?

As part of the celebration of Culture Day, the Order of Culture Awards Ceremony takes place at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

The awards are given to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to Japanese culture or to society as a whole. Established in 1875, the Order of the Rising Sun has eight degrees.

A total of 4,214 people have received the award on November 4th 2018, including 135 foreigners, mostly Americans. One of them was former US Vice President Dick Cheney.

Past recipients include the three American astronauts who were aboard Apollo 11, Japanese artist Ikuo Hirayama, and poet Makoto Ooka.

Throughout the rest of the country, festivals and parades are held celebrating traditional Japanese customs. It's a great day to delve into the rich history and culture of Japan as most museums in Tokyo and across the rest of the country are open for free on Culture Day.


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